In 2016, Forrester Research says B2B will Surpass B2C

Since 2013, B2B eCommerce technology spend has grown from 20% to 31%, while B2C has dropped from 41% to 28%

Achieve B2B Success by Letting Your Users Dictate the Design.

Unless you’ve cornered the market with your products or services, there’s always another purchasing option. What keeps your customers coming back? Giving them what they want. Many times they don’t even know what that is, and there’s a science to figure it out. Only a true B2B platform, and a talented partner can do it. Let’s us help you improve conversions through custom UX.

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Endless Possibilities: Know Your Customers & Partners

At the heart of every successful B2B company is a true understanding of their customers. This includes giving them excellent service, and knowing what they need, even before they do!

B2B eCommerce site show on desktop, mobile and tablet

Incredible Features: B2B solutions need to be feature rich!

The definition of B2B includes “many custom features” as every B2B company has unique business needs, processes, products and customers.

Mobile-Responsive Design

It’s not just that a lot of users use their mobile devices. Google will now penalize your site if it’s not mobile-friendly in your eCommerce site search rankings!

Custom UI / UX

A well-designed B2B eCommerce platform will take into account custom user experience design to improve conversion goals, customer satisfaction and improved user loyalty.

ERP Integration

Improved workflow and business process automation is possible when you integrate your B2B eCommerce solution with your back-office ERP applications.

Product Selectors

One difficulty for many B2B sites is to be able to provide a UI for customers to configure fully custom products, and to price them – What?! Real-time quoting!

Multi-lingual & Multi-currency

The Internet has provided global exposure for any company that’s ready for it. The key is to have a platform that can provide the ¬†capabilities to conduct global business.

Compelling Design

For many years, you could always tell the difference between a B2C and B2B site simply by the lack of design on the B2B sites. Not any more! Design is equally important to both.

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